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The feature of linear heat detector. Number of visits: Date:2017-11-20
Linear Heat Detector is one patent product of QingDao Sunyfire Science & Technology shares Co., Ltd China, which is a new type of fire protection that can be used to monitor environmental temperature changes.
Detector cable is temperature sensitive component, which composed of three separated crossed wires extruded by thermal insulation plastic material, among which one of the wires can increase mechanical strength. It detects temperature deviation at any point along the installation range. If environment temperature raised to the responding value, the resistance of thermal sensitive cable will surge which leads to signals generated among conductive wires, then Micro-computer processer can make fire alarm diagnose by the signals through fuzzing mathematics.
The feature of linear heat detector
The features of linear heat detectors are as follows:
Structurally stable. (strong anti-interference & intension strength) 
Make synthetical judgement by gathering analog value.
Confirmed to GB 16280-2014& GB50116-2013.
Restorable after fire alarm within safe temperature range.
Short-circuit & Fault simulation alarm.
Micro-computer processer/terminal interface processer use flame resistant material (anticorrosion & antiaging).
Manual fire alarm and fault simulation function.
Ability of anti-electromagnetic interference.

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